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Carraher Cousins


The CARRAHER Cousins

Descendants of George Joseph Carraher
 Julia Lilian Kate Driver


George Joseph Carraher was born on 12th November 1867 in Cahore, Co. Wexford, Ireland, the son of Michael Carraher and Jane nee Clark.

Julia Lilian Kate Driver was born on 11th May 1879 at Ashey Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight
 and was christened in St John’s Oakfield on 28th May 1882

George and Julia lived initially in George Street, Ryde where their two eldest children were born.

Mary Ann Clara Carraher (known as May) was born on 15th May 1898

Walter George Carraher (Wally) was born on 8th June 1900

The family can be seen in Ryde in the 1901 census

Then they moved to Gosport, 28 Pelham Road, where all their remaining children were born.

Lilian Eveline Carraher (Lily) was born on 16th September 1902

Eileen Jane Carraher was born on 20th April 1905

Kathleen Carraher was born about June 1907, and Alice Carraher about November 1909. Both these girls died young, Kathleen about December 1908 and Alice about January 1911

The depleted family may be seen in the 1911 census in Gosport

Mary Carraher (Molly) was born on 24th August 1911

Michael Samuel Carraher (Mick) was born on 13th October 1913

Joan Patricia Carraher was born on 10th March 1916

Philip James Reginald Carraher (Phil) was born on 21sy May 1918

Betty Carraher (Bet) was born on 26th January 1922

Marjorie Maud Carraher (Peg) was born on 13th July 1924

George Joseph Carraher died at 28 Pelham Road on 2nd November 1942

Julia Lilian Kate Carraher died on 4 December 1964 in the War Memorial Hospital, Gosport.

The Carraher Cousins are the children of these Carraher siblings, and are listed on the appropriate page - click on the parent’s name.

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   Lilian   Eileen   Mick     Joan      Phil     Bet  Peg

Carraher family 1919

Carraher family, probably taken in 1919.

The CARRAHER Cousins

Sheila Carraher
Judith Herbert
Valerie Herbert
Janet Herbert
Myra Phyllis Herbert
Anthony Paul Herbert - Tony
William Conquest - Dink, or Billy
Michael David Conquest
Terence Patrick Hanratty
Kathleen Teresa Hanratty - Kay
Sandra Carraher
Michael Carraher - Kim
Ann White
Beryl White
James White - Jim
Walter James Carraher - Wally or Jim
Roger Graham Carraher
Philip John Carraher
Diane Elizabeth Carraher
Ian Mitchell
Stephen Mitchell
Susan Fenton
Robert Fenton - Bob
Amanda Fenton - Mandy
Bonita Fenton - Bonnie
Cynara Fenton - Cindy

A Carraher group
George and Lilian

CARRAHER Ancestors: Certificates

James Carraher Baptism c1791
       James Carraher marriage 1818
              James Carraher Death 1867
Michael Carraher Baptism 1819
       Michael Carraher Marriage 1848
              Michael Carraher Death 1901
George Carraher Birth 1867
       George Carraher Marriage 1898
              George Carraher Death 1942
Julia Driver Birth 1879
       Julia Carraher Death 1964

DRIVER Ancestors: Certificates

William Driver Baptism 1824
William Driver Marriage to Elizabeth Walker 1847
William Driver Marriage to Julia Greenham 1853
William Driver Marriage to Emily Blow 1864
William Driver Marriage to Maria Kingswell 1874

William Driver Death 1911
Samuel Driver Birth 1854
Samuel Driver Marriage to Elizabeth Feben 1878
Samuel Driver Death 1927
Julia Driver Birth 1879

CARRAHER Ancestors in Census Returns

In the absence of Irish census returns before 1901 I am including the direct ancestors of grandmother Julia Driver here:

Great Great Great Grandfather
 John Driver of Finningham, Suffolk

1841 John Driver
1851 John Driver
1861 John Driver

Great Great Grandfather William Driver

1841 William Driver
1851 William Driver
1861 William Driver with Samuel Driver
1871 William Driver with Samuel Driver
1881 William Driver
1891 William Driver
1901 William Driver
1911 William Driver

Great Grandfather Samuel Driver

1881 Samuel Driver with Julia Driver
1891 Samuel Driver with Julia Driver
1901 Samuel Driver
1911 Samuel Driver

Great Grandmother Jane Carraher

1901 Jane Carraher

Grandfather George Carraher

1901 George Carraher
1911 George Carraher

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