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Cliff End

At the end of the 19th century ‘Cleave End’ as it was then called consisted of a semidetached pair of thatched cottages, one of which had a single story dairy attached, which had a slated roof. It is not known exactly when these buildings date from, but presumably the dairy was a later addition.

Cousin Naomi, in the Figheldean Parish Magazine, provided this plan of the cottages


Occupants from Census returns

 Unfortunately census returns prior to 1901 do not identify Figheldean cottages by name, but in 1891 one can guess from a couple of clues that Great Grandmother Elizabeth (Gage) Jacobs moved into one of this pair of cottages, probably soon after her husband Thomas Jacobs died in Netheravon in 1886.

    1891: The widowed Elizabeth was recorded as living in a cottage as a dairywoman. With her were her sons Harry 31 and David 16, both labourers, and her sister’s daughter Judith Mary Frampton aged 10.
    Elizabeth was marked as ‘employer’ while her sons were ‘employed’
    The adjacent cottage was occupied by a widow Rhoda Plank and her two sons Joseph and Albert

    1901: Elizabeth was definitely there, her residence being described as ‘Cleeveend Cottage’. Aged 68, she had no employment recorded, and Harry and David were both ‘shepherd on farm’. With them was her nephew James Frampton a painter aged 22.
    The adjacent cottage was still occupied by Rhoda Plank, at this time with her son George

    1911: Elizabeth was still in the cottage, now called “Cliff End” She was aged 78, with her son Harry aged 51, a cowman.
    The adjacent cottage was now occupied by the family of Alfred Shepherd, who was Elizabeth’s nephew. Alfred and his wife Martha had 5 grown up children living with them.

    After Elizabeth died in June 1912, Jesse Jacobs moved to Cliff End with his growing family, and Nell was the first of their children to be born there in May 1913, to be followed by Ruth in 1916 and Jesse junior in 1918.
    They remained there until the late 1930s, perhaps on Jesse’s retirement. Certainly it was before June 1939, as Susan Kate died at 300 Figheldean in June of that year.

    From Naomi’s information, the other Cliff End cottage was later occupied by the Carter family and the grandfather “Slinger” Carter lived in the coal house!

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Family photos 003



A memory of Cliff End, from Cousin Jim.

A great collection of pics of the cottages at Cliff End. As far as I am aware I was taken to Cliff End only once, I have no idea when, but I was very young. My most vivid
memory of that visit is of a sunset that glowed pink and I was told many years later that I asked why all the sheep were pink. (That shows how young I was). We must have been there quite late in the day or I would not have seen the sunset, but if we stayed overnight I have no idea where. I would guess I would have been only about 5. My only other recollection is of the rustic porch as shown in the first b/w photo. I have no recollection of how the cottages looked, just the porch.

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