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Davis Cousins


The DAVIS Cousins

Descendants of James Davis and Mary Eliza Ford


Click here for a page that tells you about the family of James’ parents in Luxborough

James Davis was probably born in early July 1867, in the village of Luxborough, Somerset. It is impossible to determine exactly when he was born as his birth was never registered. The best clue is that he was baptised in Luxborough parish church on July 14th 1867, the son of John Davis who worked as an iron miner, and Maria, formerly Richards.

Mary Eliza Ford was born on May 9th 1872 at 19 Willway, Bristol, the daughter of William Ford and Eliza formerly Brookes.. William had worked as a shoe maker and boot finisher, probably in a factory, and had in his later years been a lamplighter before being extinguished in January 1894.

James Davis married Mary Eliza Ford in Bristol Register Office, on 27th October 1894

Mary Eliza Davis

The children of James and Mary were all born in Bristol:

Eva May Davis born 14th August 1895

Francis James (Frank) Davis born in 1897

Rhoda Emily Davis born about June 1898

Alice Kate Davis born 19th November 1900 at 17 Alfred St.

The 1901 census shows the family at 20 Lancaster Road, St Werburgh’s

Violet Davis born 15th February 1903

Maud Mary Davis born 22nd May 1905

Percival (Perce) Davis born about 1907

John Edward Davis born 1 Jan 1910

The 1911 census shows this family at 8 Armada Place, Bristol.

A couple of years later Mary left the Davis family and went to live with Tobias Rodda, reputed to have been a policeman. Their only son was:

John (Jackie) Rodda born in the final quarter of 1914. 

Mary Eliza Ford => Davis 1890’s

James Davis 1933

James Davis died in Stapleton Hospital, Bristol, on 27th October 1954, and is buried in Greenbank Cemetery.

Mary Eliza Davis died in Snowdon Road Hospital, Bristol on 9th November 1954, and is buried in Avonview Cemetery..


James Davis , early 1930’s

The DAVIS Cousins are the children of the above, that is the grandchildren of James and/or Mary Davis.
Here are their names: Click on a name to go to their page.

Rita Dolores Champion
David George Jacobs
Mollie Patricia Jacobs
Jean Fay Lee Sims
Mervyn John Sims
Astrid L B Sims
Olga Natalie Georgina Sims
Pamela Gloria Cordelia Lock
Anthony James Lock
Barbara Davis
Sandra Davis

James davis
Davis house

The house in St Werburgh’s Park, Bristol, where the Davis family lived for many years.

Olga has researched Bristol Directories and found that James Davis was listed as the householder of 55 St Werburgh’s Park from 1913 to 1956 inclusive.

Further research by Olga shows that in 1925 James Davis rented the house from George Ashmead. This seems to disprove the rumour that he either owned or could have owned the house.

Granfer uniform

Our Davis ancestors in
Census Returns

Click on one to see the actual page. Most have notes below so scroll down:

John and Mary in 1841, also James & Joan with John, in Luxborough
James in 1851, with John, in Luxborough
James in 1861 in Luxborough
John and Maria in 1861 in Luxborough
Maria in 1871, with James (our grandfather) in Luxborough
James in 1881 in Calverton
James in 1891 in Calverton
James and Mary in 1901 in Bristol
James and Mary in 1911 in Bristol

Granfer James Davis wearing the C.P.O. Tel. uniform cap and jacket belonging to his son-in-law Harry Jacobs.

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