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Jacobs Cousins


The JACOBS Cousins

Descendants of Jesse Jacobs and Susan Kate Alexander


Jesse Jacobs 1901

John’s wedding 1925 - Jesse at right.

Jesse senior

Jesse and Susan with Tom, about 1900

As we have a number of photos of the cottages at Cliff End, Figheldean I have added a new page dedicated to this building where our ancestors lived for many years.

  Memories of Figheldean.
For the 2010 Christmas newsletter cousins sent their recollections of their childhoods in Figheldean.
Here they are, in their own page.

Jesse at Ted’s wedding 1928

Jesse Jacobs was born on 14th August 1872 in Fittleton, Wilts.
You can see him in the 1881 census and also in 1891

Susan Kate Alexander was born on 16th July 1878 in Saxley, Upper Clatford, Hants, and was christened in Abbots Ann church on 18th May 1879 
You can see her in the 1881 census and the 1891 census

They married at Wherwell Church, 4 August 1897 

Jesse and Kate lived initially at 19 Eastfield Buildings in Andover, where their eldest son
Thomas James was born on 26th September 1899.

Then they moved to the Fittleton-Netheravon-Figheldean area, where their second son
John Archibald was born in Haxton on 4th January 1901
See the
1901 census at Figheldean. Also Jesse’s mother in the 1901 census at Cliff End

The rest of their eleven children were::

William Edward Alexander (known as ‘Ted’ 11th July 1902 in Figheldean

Harry George (always called ‘George’) 8th October 1904 in Fittleton

Elizabeth Mary (called ‘Betty’) 20th September 1906 at The Pennings, Figheldean

Dorothy Sarah (called ‘Dot’) 28th April 1908 at Syrencot Pennings, Figheldean

Margaret Anne, 20th September 1909 at Syrencot Pennings

Louisa Jane (called ‘Jean’ or ‘Jen’) 25th February 1911 at Syrencot Pennings

See the 1911 Census, Syrencot Pennings and the 1911 Census Cliff End

When Jesse’s mother Elizabeth Jacobs (nee Gage) died in 1912, Jesse and Kate took over the smallholding at Cliff End, Figheldean; Jesse was employed as a painter although who his employers were is not known.

Ellen (called ‘Nell’) 19th May 1913 at Cliff End Figheldean.

Ruth 14th January 1916 at Cliff End

Jesse 29th January 1918 at Cliff End. 

Susan Kate Jacobs died at 300 Figheldean on 14th June 1939

Jesse Jacobs died at Newbridge Hospital, Salisbury on 23rd September 1955

The Jacobs Cousins are the children of these Jacobs siblings, and are listed on the appropriate page - click on the parent’s name.

Click on the name you want in the list below to go directly to a cousin’s page.

Elizabeth (Anne)
Thomas (Tom)
James (Jim)

Christopher (Chris)
Mary Leach
Catherine (Katie)

Mystery people

We have between us a number of photographs showing people who are probably family, but I can’t put a name to them. I’m putting all these on a Mystery page, so click on the title above if you want to have a go at identifying them.

See a map of Figheldean by clicking here

The map you will see here is actually about locating listed buildings, but it is useful for us because it identifies Cliff End among other places. 

You can hold your mouse button down to move the map about. If you go north from the village you will pass the church of St Michael (identified with PW (Place of Worship) and then just past where the village road (High St) meets the back road you will see Cliff End.

Have a play, it’s fun! Following the road further north and turning left at the T junction you come to Netheravon (where I went to school in 1943-4) and then Haxton Bridge where our ancestors crossed from their cottage just south of The Green in Haxton to their butcher’s shop in Netheravon.

My dad Harry was born in that cottage in Haxton, which is actually a hamlet within the parish of Fittleton..

Group photographs

This page contains photos of family groups, including recent gatherings in Figheldean, for the seat inauguration, and for the July 2011 meeting.

There are some that need a note of the occasion, and some need names attaching, so if you can help, please let me know.

Jesse and Susan1

Jesse and Susan at Cliff End, 1930-ish

Jesse Susan 1939

Jesse and Susan at Lee on the Solent 1938

See our Jacobs ancestors in Census returns:

1841, John & Mary in Figheldean
1851, John & Mary in Figheldean
1861, John in Figheldean
1861, Thomas in Netheravon
1871, Thomas in Haxton
1881, Thomas in Netheravon
1891, Elizabeth in Figheldean
1891, Jesse in Eyeworth
1901, Elizabeth at Cliff End
1901, Jesse in Figheldean
1911, Elizabeth at Cliff End
1911, Jesse at Syrencot Pennings 

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