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Jacobs Family Groups
Aunts young

Jacobs sisters: Margaret, Dot, Jean, Nell, Betty, Ruth
Place and date?


Jacobs sisters: Jean, Margaret, Dot, Nell, Betty
Place and date?

Jacobs sisters: from the top,
Betty, Dot, Margaret and Jean, Nell, Ruth
Place and date?


Margaret and Jean. Place and date?


Gran (Susan Kate) with children ?, Betty, Margaret, Jesse, Ruth
Place and date?
Confirmation of names (those hats!)

Margaret and Gran (Susan Kate). Place and date?

Ted's Wedding Group

Ted’s wedding: 8th August 1928, Houghton, Hants


Photo taken 17th March 1962 at Bulford Church.

From Brian :
If you look at the extreme left, you can just see a bride in the very far background – that bride is Yvonne, so the picture was taken immediately after our wedding, on 17th March 1962. The next face is cousin Barbara’s late husband Jack Frost, then comes Uncle John, then (turned away) is Uncle Jess, then Ted, Dot, her husband Alf Leach half-turned, Nell in her chair, then Betty and finally your own father George. I can’t identify the man between Dot and Alf with his back to the camera, but the shape of the head looks a bit like cousin Ken, so it could be him (he would have been 23 at the time) or it may be Tom, his father. Maybe Beryl or Naomi could help further, or even Ken himself if anyone can get him in front of a computer screen!


Jacobs siblings: Ted, Margaret, John, Dot, Jesse, Jean, George.
Occasion: ?  Date: ?

Cousins children
Mary's wedding - children numbered

Above: Many of our children: Mary Leach Wedding, Figheldean, 15 April 1972

1 Stephen Wink
2 Martin Wink
3 Linda Jacobs (now Stallard)
4 Alan Jacobs
5 Amy Jacobs (now Jones)
6 Hilary Quintana (now Hawkes)
7 Tim Jacobs
8 Mandy Jane Renwick (now Thomsett)

18 Wendy Harris (now Richardson)
20 Neil Jacobs
21 Alison Wink
22 Claire Jacobs

9 Rosemary Quintana (now Macpherson)
10 Leslie Alan Renwick
11 Joy Harris (now Alge)
12 Adrian Heath
13 Debbie Harris (now Jones)
14 Paula Heath (now Provis)
15 Patricia Harris (now Kerr)
16 Stephen Paul Heritage

Wink              Mollie
Jacobs            David
Quintana          Aileen
Renwick           Sue
Harris             Kathleen
Heath             Brian
Heritage           Katie    

Jacobs sisters date and location unknown

The Jacobs sisters at Beryl’s wedding, 1962. Photo taken by Jesse (probably).
Dot, Margaret, Betty, Nell, Ruth, Jean


Dedication of the Jacobs seat in Figheldean Recreation Ground


Beryl & Naomi


Dave, Tom:
Sue, Jean


Jacobs Figheldean Get-Together 23rd July 2011


At the Rose and Crown, Bulford


Jacobs Seat, Figheldean
Naomi Ken Chris Sue Dave Natalie
  Katie Lila Nicky Beryl


At the Jacobs Seat, Figheldean Rec
Naomi      Ken      Chris        Sue      Dave    Beryl
                      Katie       Lila        Nicky      Carole


In Figheldean Church
 Dave Naomi Brian Sue Natalie   Nicky Beryl Lila Sherry Carole

And from the camera of Katie:


NB Some snaps of individuals have been extracted from these photos and displayed on that person’s web page

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