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Philip Carraher


Known as ‘Phil’

Born 21st may 1918 at 28 Pelham road Gosport

Phil served in the Royal Navy.

Philip Carraher married Hilda Bardwell about March 1942 in Gosport. 

They had four children:

   Walter James Carraher, known to some as ‘Wally’ and to        others as ‘Jim’, born 7th October 1942 in Petersfield
   Roger Graham Carraher, born 11th July 1948 in Gosport
   Philip John Carraher, born about June 1948 in Gosport
   Diane Elizabeth Carraher born 27th March 1953 in Gosport

Philip Carraher died on 21st March 1994 in Gosport

Hilda Carraher died on 19th April 1995 at Basingstoke

Phil Carraher
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