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Rhoda Davis

Rhoda Emily DAVIS

born in the June quarter of 1898, in Bristol

In the 1930’s Rhoda was nursemaid to the children of Percy Stuart Champion and his wife Florence, in Congresbury, Somerset..
These were Vera, Violet, Stuart and Edna Grace Champion.

Florence died in the first quarter of 1937

Rhoda married Percy Stuart Champion in Bristol in the second quarter of 1937.

They had one further child:

Rita Dolores Champion, born 27th May 1938 at Congresbury, died Bristol Feb 1994. She married Anthony Watts in Congresbury in 1960.

Rhoda died in Congresbury about December 1951.

Percy Champion died in Congresbury on 29th March 1977. His death certificate (informant his son-in-law Anthony Watts) says his occupation was retired farm labourer.

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