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White Cousins


The WHITE Cousins

Descendants of Owen James White
Annie Elizabeth Cook


Owen James White was born on 9th October 1883 at 3 Garden Terrace, Southsea. He became a house painter like his father Charles, and then a painter in H.M.Dockyard, Portsmouth
He appears in the 1891 and 1901 censuses

Annie Elizabeth Cook was born at 16 Holyoak Road Newington, on 25th April 1885, shortly after her family’s return from India. She became a dressmaker living with her parents in Holloway St Portsmouth.
She appears in the 1891 and 1901 censuses

Owen White and Annie Cook married in the Wesley Chapel, Landport Portsmouth, on 25th March 1909.

Their children were:
   Norah Annie White, born at 20 Lawson Rd Portsmouth, on 27th January 1910.
   Winifred Lucy White, born in Portsmouth on 8th April 1911, just missing the 1911 census.
   Cyril Owen White, born at 23 Jubilee Road Southsea, on 30thApril 1913.
   Henry James (Jim) White, born in Portsmouth on 2nd January 1919.


Family photo taken about 1914

During the Great War, Owen was a conscientious objector, and was suspended from Portsmouth Dockyard for distributing pacifist leaflets. He was also involved in Trades Union affairs.

In July 1920 Owen sailed for the USA on the SS Grampian, with the supposed intention of sending for his family when he was settled.
Instead of which he ‘married’ Amy Gunn in Detroit on 30th October 1926.
Belatedly he sued for divorce from his wife Annie White, on the grounds of cruelty, namely that she refused to come to Detroit to join him. The divorce was granted. on 11th April 1927
Learning of his bigamy, Amy divorced him in Detroit on 21st May 1928.
Owen then moved to Stratford Ontario where he worked for some years at the Koenig Furniture Company .

It is not known where or when he died.

White ancestors in
Census returns:

1841, George & Jane, with James in Southsea
1851, James & Sarah in Sussex Rd Southsea
1861, James & Sarah, with Charles in Southsea
1871, James & Sarah, with Charles in Southsea
1881, James in Southsea
1881, Charles & Mary Jane in Southsea
1891, Charles & Mary Jane, with Owen in Southsea
1901, Charles & Mary Jane with Owen in Southsea
1911, Charles & Mary Jane in Southsea
1911, Owen & Annie in Southsea 

White ancestors
B, M and D Certificates:

1842, James Richard White Marriage (Sarah Heath)
1843, George White Death
1844, Jane (Hunt) White Death
1852, Charles White Birth
1874, Charles White Marriage (Mary Jane Allen Mortimer)
1881, Sarah (Heath) White Death
1883, Owen White Birth
1884, James Richard White Death
1909, Owen White Marriage (Annie Cook)
1932, Charles White Death
1936, Cyril White marriage (Joan Carraher)
1937, Ann White Birth
1938, Mary Jane Allen (Mortimer) White Death
1974, Annie (Cook) White Death
1995, Joan (Carraher) White Death
2004, Cyril White Death


Annie White brought up her family at 23 Jubilee Road Southsea, and after they left home earned a living as a charwoman.

Annie White died in the Royal Hospital Portsmouth on 25th April 1974.

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